Are you interested in discussing awkward questions about education and culture without simply shouting your lungs out?  Do you want to make sense of schools, not just repeat washed-out platitudes?  Are you willing to participate in awkward conversations that might offend some readers?  That’s our mission here at ILYBYGTH, and we could use your help.

Whether you’re a new reader or a SAGLRROILYBYGTH,* there are a bunch of things you can do to keep this humble blog going.

First, you can participate in the discussion. Add a comment, or, better yet, send in a shelfie, some titles for our Required Reading list, or ideas for posts. You can always reach me at

Second, you can LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW us on WordPress. The broader our reach, the better our discussions.

Finally, you can buy the new book. Or, if that’s too rich for your blood, you can ask your local public library to buy a copy. If you’ve read it, you can offer a review on Amazon.

*Sophisticated and Good-Looking Regular Reader of ILYBYGTH, natch.

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