Anti-Evolution I: Introduction


“Evolution is the spiritual path to Sodom.”  That was the opinion of R.J. Alderman, of Alcolu, South Carolina, in any case.
Alderman penned his critique of the spiritual effects of evolution for the September 1922 issue of the Moody Bible Institute Monthly.  There are a lot of different reasons to oppose evolution, but this statement sums up some of the religious opposition to it, in 2011 as much as 1922.  For some religious folks, evolution is more than simply an idea to be considered, it is a threat to be destroyed.  It is not enough to simply say, ‘I don’t believe in evolution.’  That would be like saying, ‘I don’t believe poisonous snakes should be allowed near babies.’  Instead, people might say, ‘I will do whatever I can to prevent this dangerous notion from being propagated.  Not just for me and my family, but for everyone.’

To do any less would be to consign people to sin.  It would be to look the other way while people walked cheerfully and ignorantly down the path to Sodom.

Before I go any further, let me repeat: I am an evolutionist myself.  I don’t think evolution is the spiritual path to Sodom.  But in these posts, I’ll attempt to articulate anti-evolution arguments in a way calculated to make the most sense to evolutionists.
My goal in this and in all these efforts is not to convince or convert, but only to show that someone can hold these beliefs in good faith.  To demonstrate the fallacy of Richard Dawkins’ assertion that people who do not believe in evolution must be “ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that).”

In what follows, I won’t rely on Biblical scripture to make my points, even though that is the most important proof for many evolution opponents.  But since it is only convincing for those who are already convinced, I’ll put those arguments to one side.  I’m guessing that many anti-evolutionists won’t agree with the points I make here.  I invite them and pro-evolutionists to weigh in.  What’s wrong with these arguments?  What would be more convincing?

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