Jesus Loves Darwin

After my talk a couple of weeks ago at the EVoS seminar at Binghamton University, one audience member raised a great question.  If some creationists attack the teaching of evolution because they think it leads to atheism, why do some prominent evolutionists promote the idea that there is any necessary connection between evolution and atheism?  In other words, just because prominent evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins insist that evolution and atheism go together, why do we all have to agree?  Is it because leading creationists agree on this point?  Is there any room in there, this audience member asked, for Bible-believing evolutionists?

Since then, I’ve been in touch with Gregory Smith, a scientist at the College of William and Mary.  On his blog, Jesus Loves Darwin, Greg wrestles with just these questions.  How can a Bible believer who is also an evolutionist bring these beliefs into sync?

As Greg knows, there is a rich tradition of these explorations of theistic evolution.  For those ILYBYGTH readers curious to see some of his ideas, I encourage you to check out his blog!

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