Lee Meadows and “Sensitive” Evolution

ILYBYGTH friend Lee Meadows, author of Missing Link: An Inquiry Approach for Teaching All Students about Evolution, has posted a great new short video: “Help!  I’m a biology teacher and I don’t really understand evolution.”

I know some ILYBYGTH readers disagree with Meadows’ approach to teaching evolution.  Some anti-evolutionists feel he goes too far in sugar coating a dangerous doctrine.  As an evolutionist myself, I appreciate his student-centered approach to the subject.  He argues that too many evolution educators–out of ignorance or spite–take a hostile approach to their anti-evolution students.  Meadows argues that they don’t need to.  Not only is it unethical, it is ineffective.

Whether you’re a creationist or evolutionist, it’s worth taking a few minutes to check out his thoughtful video.

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  1. Thanks for this. If any of your readers want to discuss my approach, I’m happy to talk with them. I’m always learning, and I appreciate interacting with people, even those who disagree with me.

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