A New Focus

I’m happy to announce a new focus here at ILYBYGTH.  From now on, we’ll limit ourselves to exploring conservative, traditionalist, “fundamentalist” ideas about schools and education. 

When this blog was born, about a year ago, I had planned to play devil’s advocate in the culture wars.  I hoped to imagine the best arguments for both sides in issues such as evolution, education, abortion, etc.  As the year went on, I discovered that only the conservative side of these issues was really interesting to me. 

Not because I believed those conservative notions myself, but precisely because many of them did not make any intuitive sense to me.  The interesting questions to me were those that dug into the reasons conservatives might give for believing in a young earth, for instance, or for opposing the distribution of condoms in schools.  Evolution makes sense to me, as does offering young people protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. 

Now I realize that the most consistently interesting questions are those that have to do with schooling and education.  It seems those questions are the ones that force people to articulate their vision for proper culture.  It is often when public schools have to decide on what to teach that we hear the most illuminating arguments in favor of creationism, the Bible, and traditional religious values. 

So that will be our focus.  I hope you like it.  If you do, please help.  You can “like” us on Facebook, follow the blog on Google Reader or similar platforms, and share our posts as widely as you can.  You can comment and contribute to the discussions.  You can attend or host a talk by ILYBYGTH’s Adam Laats.   Whatever you do, thanks for visiting.

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