“Science Buff” Pushes Creationism in Missouri

H/T: Sensuous Curmudgeon

Why does dreamy Missouri legislator Rick Brattin want Missouri schools to teach both evolution and intelligent design?  In his words, because “I’m a science enthusiast. I’m a huge science buff.”

Image Source: Riverfront Times

Image Source: Riverfront Times

In an interview last week with St. Louis’ Riverfront Times, the Republican lawmaker explained that he had introduced a new “equal time” bill because true science demanded it.

Those of us hoping to understand conservatism and creationism in America’s schools should pay attention to Brattin’s rationale.  In this interview, Brattin articulated a vision of science, religion, and education that resonates among many creationists and their allies.  Evolution, Brattin claimed, actually played the role of obstructionist religion.  Brattin told the paper, “I’ve had numerous college professors within biology, school science teachers…who say they are not allowed to teach any type of theory [like intelligent design]…. They are banned from the science community.”

As we’ve noted here before, not only creationists but conservatives of various types often complain that they have been excluded from intellectual debate.  These arguments seem to convince Representative Brattin.  As Gallup polls have suggested, calls for equal treatment and fair play do very well among the general populace, as well.

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