Jonny Scaramanga Gives Us…Creation Rock!

Think creationism is a bunch of dweebs with thick glasses stammering as they refute mainstream science?  Think again!

UK former fundamentalist Jonny Scaramanga offers some priceless creation-rock videos today.  Jonny grew up with this stuff, but for secular folks like me, it is a revelation.

Geoff Moore and the DistanceCheck out Jonny’s guest post at Laughing in Purgatory, and, best of all, watch the video he saved for his own blog, Leaving Fundamentalism.  This video mixes “Smokin in the Boys Room” with “Take On Me.”

Thanks Jonny… Motley Crue + A Ha + The Genesis Flood = Wow.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers, Adam. I’m sure there must be more recent instances too, but it’s a long time since I listened to Christian rock.

    This is an anti-evolution speech from the Newsboys’ headline performance at Creationfest 2012. I don’t think I’ve ever made it all the way through.

    • Jonny, Thank YOU for sharing. Great stuff. I’m just watching the Evolution Redefined video again as I drink my morning coffee. I’ve got some overly nerdy comments I’ll make over at Leaving Fundamentalism.

  1. Evolution Rock | I Love You but You're Going to Hell

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