Our Fundamentalist Neighbors, Part I

What do we do when fundamentalists act like dicks? That’s the question I ask in a guest post this morning at Jonny Scaramanga’s lively Leaving Fundamentalism blog.
The post continues Jonny’s and my conversation about the meanings of the White House petition to ban the teaching of creationism and intelligent design.  Jonny has promised to offer a thoughtful rebuttal in these pages.

In the meantime, come on over and participate in the chattering…

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  1. 1. How do you know for sure that your neighbour is fundamentalist?
    2. US law can categorize creationism and ID as religion but that is only applicable to the US so that creationism and ID can be deemed as science elsewhere. Even this is irrelevant as the law cannot confer actual scientific validity but only temporal legality.
    3. Judge Jones copied 91% of a section on ‘ID as science’ from ACLU briefs which is clearly indicative of bias and his own non-science training.

    • ChazIng, Thanks for the comment. I’m going to copy and paste your comment and my response over at Leaving Fundamentalism, so that more people will be able to connect it to the original essay. All who are interested can come read the reply there.

    • Well, the difference for me (and I believe for sociology as well) is if a person is world affirming (evangelical) or world rejecting (fundamentalist). I have been blocked by Jonny so I cannot comment there. And what do you think of Judge Jones copying?


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