Saintliest City in the USA?

Eve apparently didn’t take her bite out of the Big Apple.

According to one new survey, New York City leads the list of America’s saintliest cities.

How do they know?  This survey tallied up a list of presumably sinful institutions and events: strip clubs (lust), cosmetic surgeons (pride), violent crime (wrath), theft per capita (envy), charity (greed), obesity (gluttony), and physical activity (sloth).

By this tally, the megapolis of New York had the fewest such sinful occurrences per capita.

Does it mean much?  Not really.  In this quirky survey, New York scored big due to its relatively low levels of obesity and relatively high levels of physical activity.  Such things don’t paint a convincing picture of “saintliness.”

Nevertheless, this survey can serve as a reminder once again to watch out for simplistic assumptions about the nature of religiosity in 21st-century America.

Despite the presumptions of some culture-war pundits, the “God-fearing” America is not limited to small towns and the Midwest.  Big cities often host the most religious Americans, acting in the most religious ways.


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