From the Dust: Evolution? Yes! Creation? Yes, Please!

Is there a stark divide between creationists and evolutionists?  Not always.  But staking out a middle ground can be dangerous.

The Biologos Foundation insists that Christian belief and evolutionary science go hand in hand.

To help make their case for evolutionary creationism, Biologos recently released a film, From the DustSnippets are available for preview.

For old hands of the creation-evolution debates, there isn’t much new here.  But for those who see the debate as one of religion versus science, this film offers ideas that may seem surprising.

Filmmaker Ryan Pettey explains his goals:

we wanted to put something proactive on the table that could help motivate an elevated conversation about the “war” between science and faith. It was our goal to help Christians see (and accept) the complexity of the issues raised by modern science, as well as help them to courageously engage with the theological conversations happening within the sphere of Christian culture today.

As Biologos founder Darrel Falk explains in the film’s introductory segment,

If people think because of scientific evidence, ‘my Christian faith doesn’t stake up anymore’—that day needs to end. All of the richness in life that I know is because of my relationship with God, and so I don’t want people to miss out on that. I don’t want people abandoning the faith because they find out that evolution is really real. It is God’s truth. So here we have this segment, this all-important segment of God’s people, who are out of touch with God’s reality. I mean, it is God’s universe! This natural world is God’s creation—and so the people, who especially need to be in touch with God’s reality, are off in a corner.

Is there a war between Biblical Christianity and evolutionary theory?  Not according to the Biologos Foundation.  Will this message be successful?  Hard to say.  After all, the most dangerous place to be in any trench war is No Man’s Land.  Sure enough, Biologos has earned the enmity of both sides.

Ken Ham of the leading young-earth creationist ministry Answers In Genesis has warned that Biologos is part of the “epidemic” of pernicious doubt.

Jerry Coyne, perhaps the leading American exponent of science atheism, has lamented Biologos’ truckling to religious “fairy stories” and criticized their “duplicitous” strategy.

For many creationists, however, the message of Biologos seems welcome.  The ability to accept the truths of modern science without abandoning one’s faith comes as a blessing.  It might also offer a lesson to those who hope to spread evolutionary science among America’s deeply skeptical public.


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  1. Minor correction – Darrel is the past-president of the BioLogos Foundation, and Francis Collins was the founder. As you note, BL is in the ‘messy middle’ and thus catches it severely from both ends of the creation-evolution spectrum, not to mention the criticisms from the creationist Discovery Institute and ID proponents.

  2. Anyone who invokes an intervention of a designer and contends that natural processes cannot explain the diversity of life is a creationist. Go read the DI Wedge Document and the statements of the DI folks such as Stephen Meyer who believe that the interventionist designer is the Christian God. Your “major correction” is specious which is not surprising to me.

  3. Yes, BioLogos is creationist. Their evolutionary creationist position holds that evolution as understood via scientific investigation is true and that the Christian god oversees the entire process. Their messy middle is that they try to harmonize scripture with science which has led to numerous dilemmas that are theological more than scientific. When Francis started BioLogos, I don’t think that he fully understood the theological complexity of what he saw as integrating science and faith. The coming and going of biblical scholar Pete Enns demonstrated the tension [at the least] between many evangelicals and science. Thus as you note, by my definition, anyone or any group who invokes a creator or a designer is creationist.

    • Then are you also a creationist for believing that nature by itself creates/designs information bearing biodiversity?


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