The Real Pharaoh’s Secret: The Creation Museum

Get this: one of the new Doritos commercials was filmed at Answers In Genesis’ Creation Museum.

Image Source: Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

Image Source: Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

How do I know?  Ken Ham told me.  And the other five bajillion people who follow him on Facebook.

Why did Doritos film at the Creation Museum?  Are they peddling their snacks as young-earth creationist favorites?  Not according to Ham.  He says part of the museum simply has the style of an “Egyptian temple” so the filmmakers liked it.


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  1. Jay McHue

     /  November 28, 2013

    Dude… The video was made by someone submitting an entry for a contest put on every year for Doritos. Look, I know you hate Ken Ham, the Creation Museum, Creationism, and Creationists, but good gosh, do you have to hate EVERYTHING that is even marginally associated with them? Bill Nye was caught on a museum camera taking a photo outside the entrance, so do you hate him because of that, too?


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