Join ILYBYGTH for the Debate

You know you’re going to watch the debate tomorrow between young-earth creationist Ken Ham and science popularizer Bill Nye.  So why not join us as we live-blog throughout the event?

It will be streamed live at 7 PM New York time and will be found at

We will offer live commentary and invite readers’ comments as the debate moves along.

We’ll be especially interested to see what sorts of arguments each speaker will bring out.  As we’ve discussed before, this debate might have the effect of imposing a limited definition on the meanings of “creationism.”  But will it?  Watch it with us and let’s see.

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  1. Bah, I’ll be on the train whilst it’s on. I trust you’ll make your liveblog comprehensible to someone reading it after the fact?

    • I’ll try! Never done something like this, so I’m not sure how it will go. I’m curious, too, if the livestream will work well. I just “signed up” and received a promotional package, but no confirmation or registration or anything like that. Stay tuned!


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