What If Stories, Part VI: Evolution in Germany

As we approach the hundredth anniversary of the start of World War I, historians and journalists are asking how life might have been different if the Great War had never happened.

As the National Center for Science Education blog, historians and scientists are wondering how the history of evolution/creation might have been different.  Today, biologist Ulrich Kutschera argues that the war changed the way evolutionary scientists told the story of evolution.  Kutschera notes the work of German zoologist August Weismann, who forcefully and elegantly promoted evolutionary ideas in the years leading up to the war.

August Weismann, the Lost Answer?

August Weismann, the Lost Answer?

Without the war’s shattering effect on Germany and the world, Kutschera writes, Weismann’s legacy would have been very different.  It may have changed everything in the intellectual worlds of creationism and evolution.  How?  You’ll have to read the NCSE post to find out.


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