Creation and the Ice Bucket Challenge

What does a young earth have to do with pouring a bucket of ice over your head?  According to Georgia Purdom of Answers In Genesis, the popular ice bucket challenge might not be the innocent do-gooderism it seems to be.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve seen images of people pouring buckets of ice over their heads.  The idea is to spread the word about the work of the ALS Association.  And it’s working.  Celebrities from all over the media map have done the deed, including former POTUS George W. Bush.

So why would AIG be against it?  According to Answers In Genesis, the Ice Bucket Challenge funnels money and attention to an immoral organization.  In the words of AIG’s Georgia Purdom,

the ALS Association that is promoting the frigid challenge promotes an unethical search for a cure. Many researchers are willing to use embryonic stem cells and cells taken from “electively aborted” fetuses to search for a cure.

Does this imply that President Bush is not pro-life?  That Bush and all the Ice-Bucketeers are somehow making a political statement in favor of embryonic stem cell research?

















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  1. It probably means they aren’t aware that embryonic stem cells are being used. I certainly wasn’t until recently, and I worked on an audit for an ALS charity recently.

    “While these “transplanted fetal cells” can come from cord blood and other sources …”

    Now that’s the part that intrigues me – where are they getting the cord blood? When I had my third baby ~1 year ago, I was given all this info about paying a ridiculous amount of money to bank my cord blood for our potential use later, but not one word about donating it for research. So I asked specifically about how I could donate it, but was told that it’s all but impossible to do.

    Okay, then. That made me mad but unfortunately I never followed up.


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