Heavy Hitters Take on the Common Core, Sort of…

What is a conservative to think? Are the Common Core Learning Standards a threat? A blessing? As we’ve discussed recently in these pages, some conservative intellectuals have argued that the standards are a triumph of conservative activism. But tonight, the Family Research Council hosts a star-studded slamfest to explain all the reasons why conservatives should fight the standards. Yet it seems to me that this group will conspicuously leave out some of the most obvious reasons for conservatives to oppose the new standards.

They Are Coming for Conservatives' Children...

They Are Coming for Conservatives’ Children…

What’s the FRC’s beef with the standards? The name of tonight’s event says it all: “Common Core: The Government’s Classroom.” As have other leading conservatives including Phyllis Schlafly, Glenn Beck, conservative Catholics, and libertarians such as JD Tuccille, the heavyweights at tonight’s event will likely condemn the standards as another example of leftist government overreach.

For tonight’s roundtable, the FRC has assembled folks such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and University of Arkansas scholar Sandra Stotsky. Governor Jindal has taken the lead among conservative state leaders with his endless legal wrangling over the new standards. Professor Stotsky has become the academic leader of the antis. Her work with the standards’ development left her convinced that the Common Core was rotten. As Stotsky argued in a video jeremiad produced by the anti-Core Home School Legal Defense Association, the intellectual weakness of the standards presents as much of a threat as does the sneaky way they were introduced.

What is a conservative to think about the Common Core? Tonight’s video roundtable apparently hopes to convince more conservatives to fight it.

It will raise key questions about conservatism and educational politics. For example, from time to time, the anti-Core fight is tied to anti-evolution. As we noted a while back, Ohio’s now-defunct House Bill 597 pushed IN creationism as it pushed OUT the Common Core.

To this observer, it seems natural for conservatives to use the political muscle of creationism to fight against the Common Core. In some cases, conservatives have done just that, since the Next Generation Science Standards would likely push for more evolution and less creationism in America’s classrooms.

But this FRC event doesn’t mention evolution or creation. It doesn’t mention literature, history, or math, either, for that matter. Instead, the focus of tonight’s event seems to be on the federal-izing dangers inherent in the new standards.

But why not? Why wouldn’t the Family Research Council want to use every intellectual weapon at its disposal to discredit the standards in conservatives’ eyes? Maybe they will, of course.  The different panelists might emphasize different aspects of the standards.  One or some certainly might note the connection between evolution education and centralized power.  I’d love to watch and find out.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to. If anyone has the time tonight to spend with this all-star conservative panel, I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. myonlyissue

     /  September 9, 2014

    All RINOs. It should be a good show. I dislike RINO theater as much as Commie theater.

    The intense data mining is in place with or without arguing over the same old ‘outcomes based education’ model we have had for years and which was proposed by Julian Huxley, Mr. Tranhumaism himself in the first place. The data goes to a central data base, and DNA is being sequenced as well as brain mapping. I already found ‘research’, (if you can call it that) that says Christians have different brain function and they name typical bias points made by humanists-Darwinists-eugenists-transhumanists (what ever they call themselves in any generation) only now it’s ‘science’. Scientifically’ speaking now, (because they control the university campus), Christian leaders, the study notes- ‘can’t remember’ ‘behavioral events’ as well as government workers. Oh (eyes rolling) and what events will they be accused of in the future? I can only imagine.

    The evidence Darwin repented on his death bed is outstanding. There is no stronger humanist church than American public schools. Only one society openly taught eugenics in class before now and that was Hitler’s Germany read ‘Education for Death’. Now we call population control (eugenics) data: bioinformatics, health informatics, medical informatics and research in education.

    Any meeting with Heritage and friends will be basic propaganda unless they can discuss the eugenics and humanism in CCSS and the data mining.

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