What Should We Tell Our Kids about Terrorism?

Your humble editor will be participating today (3/12/15) at noon (EST) in a live chat on HuffPost Live about exactly that question.

Sparked by a controversy from a Scottish school, host Nancy Redd will lead a talk about our struggles to determine how to discuss touchy subjects with young people.

Hope all the sophisticated and good-looking readers of ILYBYGTH out there (SAGLROILYBYGTH) can tune in.  Looks like the format welcomes guest comments, too, so be sure to get your two cents in.

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  1. donaldbyrne3

     /  March 12, 2015

    Was waiting for precisely this day when you as expert would show up on TV. Soon it will be the Sunday morning shows. Or CNN.

    Very nice job on live web-tv, Adam.

    I was trying to send in a comment but got stymied by login credential snafus. Here’s my question, how could a teacher rephrase the assignment to remove the implication that all Palestinians = terrorists? Surely no one is saying that you can’t mention the Israel-Palestine situation if you’re gonna teach the topic of terrorism.

    Maybe the Scots should have used the IRA as an example. No one would bitch if you said all Irish Cathliks were drunken terrorists. No wait, just kidding, they would too! Prolly start a new war in the empire of the Queen.

    • Thanks, Donaldo! I think the camera added ten pounds. Oh, no, wait, that was all the Ommegang. I think the case of the “Palestinian terrorists” served mainly as a way for all of us to talk about the ways young people in schools can or can’t be exposed to difficult and controversial ideas. How do we teach children that Palestinians can be terrorists but that “Palestinian” doesn’t = “terrorist?” Or that an Irishman can be a drunk but that “Irish” doesn’t = “drunk?”
      As you know well, students of all ages can have success with very complex and controversial moral conundrums. I argued this afternoon that we need to help students engage with such ideas from a very young age. IMHO, we’re not doing students or society any favors by sugar-coating a morally ambiguous world.


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