Enablers of Doubt: This Afternoon!

For those of us lucky enough to live in scenic Binghamton, New York, don’t forget that tonight Binghamton University hosts Professor Michael Berkman from Penn State. Tonight’s talk is part of the regular Monday seminar series at the Evolutionary Studies Program.

Professor Berkman will be sharing his new research into the ways pre-teachers learn to avoid and water down evolution education.  These “enablers of doubt,” Professor Berkman argues, do everything they can to avoid ruffling feathers.  Most new teachers, Berkman has found, are more interested in learning ways to control classrooms than in learning the details of scientific theories.

The sophisticated and good-looking regular readers of ILYBYGTH (SAGLRROILYBYGTH) will remember Professor Berkman’s earlier ground-breaking research into the goings-on in science classrooms nationwide.  Along with his colleague Eric Plutzer, Prof. Berkman studied the ways science teachers do and don’t teach evolution.

Required reading for anyone interested in evolution/creation issues

Required reading for anyone interested in evolution/creation issues

For those in the area, come on over to campus.  The talk will take place in Academic Building A, basement room G-008.  It will begin at 5:05 and will include time for a Q&A session afterward.  Admission is free and no registration is required.  The event is open to all.

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