Intelligent Design?  Evolution?  Depends on your Point of The View

Thanks to the ever-watchful Sensuous Curmudgeon, we notice that yesterday’s episode of The View took on the topics of creationism, evolution, and intelligent design.

The discussion had been roiling about presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson.  One of the personalities opined that Carson could not be considered intelligent, since he believed in creationism.

At that, Candace Cameron Bruce interrupted to point out that plenty of intelligent people—plenty of scientists—do believe in creation and do embrace intelligent design.

The panel seemed split, with two for creationism, two for evolution, and Whoopi Goldberg insisting we can have both.

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  1. It’s accurate to say “plenty of intelligent people—plenty of scientists—do believe in [some kind of theistic] creation,” but intelligent design is a failed product of a maverick mathematician-philosopher-theologian to produce a real scientific basis for creationism. It has essentially no academic support, but uninformed non-academic creationists like to refer to ID as if it does.

  1. 20 Nov. 2015 Religion and News Report | Evangelically Atheist

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