Are the Culture Wars History?

So…does it matter what we call them?  Battles over textbooks, abortion, school prayer, and so on?  Do we understand them any better if we call them “culture wars?”  Or does that kind of language pander to the pundits who only want to stir things up?

hundred years war

Take that!

As SAGLRROILYBYGTH are aware, I recently traveled down to Atlanta to take part in an exciting panel discussion of these issues.  I joined Andrew Hartman, Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, Steven Prothero, and Leo Ribuffo at the American Historical Association convention to talk about our recent crop of books.

What did we talk about?  Well, there’s nothing like being there, but Andrew Hartman has now posted our talks on the US Intellectual History Society blog.  Check it out!

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