I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

News and views from around the interwebs that SAGLRRIOLYBYGTH might find interesting:

How can we make government ed policy more sensible?  Two Ohio legislators want to require their governor to spend time in schools.

reading pigeon

Words, words, words…

Are you against corporal punishment in schools?  Does that make you a Satanist?

What is the deal with all these campus protests?  Do college students really hate free speech?  Luther Spoehr’s review essay at HNN of four recent books offers plenty of reading options for SAGLRROILYBYGTH.

Is Trump’s signature ed policy any good?  The data debate continues: Studies confirm that charters and vouchers are terrific and terrible.

Intrigued by all the college students protesting against campus speakers?  What about their faculty supporters?  The Atlantic takes a look at Wellesley professors speaking out against an invited speaker.

How would your campus react? One anti-racist college group posted a bunch of fake racist flyers.

Can Christian colleges fire unmarried pregnant instructors?  In this case, no.  In other cases, definitely probably maybe yes.

Inside the Claremont Review of Books: Is it really the “academic home of Trumpism”?

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