Finally! The Right Strategy to End Creation/Evolution Wars

What can we do to promote better public policy about climate-change science and evolution? As one group has done, we can notice the blindingly obvious fact that religion supports good science.

keep the faith vote for science

Hoosiers can love Jesus AND Bill Nye…

Here’s what we know: In Indiana, a group called Class Action has posted billboards in the run-up to the midterm elections. The billboards link religious faith with mainstream science.

By and large, the goal is to encourage religious voters to vote in favor of savvy climate-change science, to support politicians who want to take action to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

Too often, radicals on both sides have harped on the old myth that religion and science are enemies. Radical young-earth creationists like Ken Ham have warned, for example, that real religion needs to be skeptical of the fake science being peddled by today’s mainstream experts.

To counter this sort of unnecessary antagonism, it just makes sense to remind voters that mainstream science is entirely compatible with even the most conservative strains of evangelical Protestantism.

As one supporter enthused,

A vote for science is a vote for creation, for the most vulnerable of the Earth and for future generations.

As another agreed,

It is smart political tactics to try to build coalitions between religious and environmental voters. . . . If we are to truly tackle the climate crisis, these efforts will be critical.

Hear, hear!

Want to end the utterly unnecessary century-long antagonism between mainstream science and conservative evangelical religion? Don’t tell religious people they are dumb. Don’t accuse them of “child abuse.” Instead, reach across the trench to notice that we all want the same things.

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  1. Well, Damn! Something that I can prima facie get behind, as I’ve always felt that all science was, out of the necessity of natural law, theology. How can it be wrong to learn as much as we can about Creation?

    I don’t think it will catch on though. Too many of the Godless have as their primary article of faith (and yes, it’s just faith) that there is no God, despite having no more evidence to support that declaration than the most devout of Theists have for their position.

    Oh, and Young Earth Creationism – perfectly plausible…but only if Yahweh is a total ass and made the universe pre-aged. Then, Yahweh does have the reputation of being, not just a total ass, but psychotic, genocidal one at that. 😉

    But, I’m going to point out that most of modern “climate science” – at least that which gets peer reviewed and publicized – is exactly that sort “junk science” that so many people despise. None of the major – think IPCC – predictions have come true. Hence, the models must be wrong. But…too many keep saying that the “Science is settled.”

    Hint: As soon as the “Science is settled,” you’re either grifting, using junk science to further a different than stated goal, or you’re experiencing religion. 😉 Or you just suck at science.


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