I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Happy Monday: Time for another weekly round-up of top ILYBYGTH-themed stories from around the interwebs…

A Jewish scheme to wreck civilization: An interview with the author of A Specter Haunting Europe at RWN.

Sex, marriage, and the creation of an evangelical market, by Daniel Silliman.

LA gets ready for its looming teacher strike, at LATimes.

la teachers strikeA(nother) call for a conservative secular higher-ed alternative, at NA.

Can a serious conservative-evangelical scholar still work at Liberty U? The New Yorker profiles Karen Swallow Prior. H/T: AT

Sometimes, when her students become disheartened by Liberty’s conservative political bent, they ask her why she stays. “And I tell them, honestly, I went to a liberal university. I know what it’s like. I mean, it’s not perfect here, but it’s better.”

Teachers with guns? This Florida teacher says no, at SFSS.

prior nyorker

I wuvs you, but I don’t wuvs Trump…

Historians on Trump’s wall speech at HNN.

Zoiks: Fan of localism and democracy? Then get ready for rich white men to control your schools, at T74.

Things get ugly at a classics convention, at IHE.

Williams turned and addressed Peralta directly, declaring that she was “not a socialist” and that Peralta only got his job because he is “black,” those present said.

Winter got you down? At least it’s not as bad as the “Great Die-Off” storm of 1887, at Smithsonian.

Evangelicals and Trump—a commentary collection at Righting America.

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