How to Woo The Turtle

Okay, I admit it: I have no idea how these things usually go, so I might be the weird one here. But I couldn’t help noticing a tiny little detail buried deep in the recent New York Times exposé of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and I just gotta ask–Is this how DC people really do things?

Sorry, Scoob…I’ll need ten grand.

The article as whole is worth reading. In case you were worried that Trump has put together a scandal-proof administration, Secretary Chao’s story puts those fears to bed. Her connections with her family business and its super-sweetheart deals with the Chinese government are astonishing.



None of that truly shocked me, however. What did wow me was this lil nugget buried way at the end of the article. Secretary Chao is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, aka “The Turtle.” And dig this:

In 1989, shortly after their first date (at the Saudi ambassador’s home near Washington), Mr. McConnell was preparing for a re-election campaign. Greetings from Ms. Chao came in classic Washington fashion: a string of campaign donations, totaling $10,000, from Ms. Chao, her father, her mother, her sister May and May’s husband, Jeffrey Hwang, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Is THAT how these House-of-Cards types date? …really?

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