In Defense of the Mediocre Male

Why doesn’t anyone care about unfair treatment of males in American schools?  From the American Enterprise Institute, Christina Hoff Sommers accuses educational leaders of being blinded by leftist ideology.  Leaders such as Arne Duncan, Sommers claims, don’t even see the problem.

Sommers, author of such books as Who Stole Feminism? and The War Against Boys, insists that we have a double problem on our hands.  First, we established an education system that favors females over males.  Second, we are putting our heads in the ideological sand and ignoring the problem.

In this short video, Sommers describes her ill treatment at the hands of left-leaning hosts on MSNBC.  When she raised the issue of male underachievement in schools on a talk show, the host dismissed her concerns with a condescending chuckle.

That exchange, Sommers says, demonstrates the double problem.  Males have always done worse in school, Sommers notes correctly.  In the past, however, even a “mediocre” male student could leave school and find work in manufacturing jobs.  These days, Sommers points out, career success demands educational success.  Fewer males than females aspire to higher education.  Sommers asks, “Why isn’t there a national effort to address this ambition gap?”

Congress, Sommers says, funds pro-girl educational efforts.  Education Secretary Arne Duncan, too, shows “apparent indifference” to problem of male underachievement.

Why?  Sommers suggests that educational leaders have been blinded by leftist ideology.  Leaders have assumed that equity in education means boosting female performance.  The real victims here, Sommers says, are the boys that have been ignored and shunted off to the side.

Sommers asks, why won’t educational leaders even admit the vast and growing inequity in our educational system?  Why won’t Arne Duncan do anything to support the mediocre male?