Conservatives: Flabby & Inbred

Rocky knew it.

When things get easy, people get weak.  The only way to win is to get mad, get hungry . . . get the Eye of the Tiger.

Take that, Liberal America!

Take that, Liberal America!

In a recent interview, Columbia’s Mark Lilla argues that conservatives lost their Eye.  Why?

Just like Rocky, conservatives in the 1970s and 1980s scored major successes.  Not by beating up Mr. T, in conservatives’ case, but by establishing dedicated intellectual institutions.  Those institutions could and did fund conservative research and thinking.

So what’s the problem?  According to Lilla, those plans worked only too well.  Conservatives, he argues,

created institutions that have easy sources of funding and never have to go out and argue with people who disagree with them. It’s made their world inbred, lazy, and self-satisfied. It gets harder and harder to find serious conservative books on the major issues of the day.

Following that Rocky logic, it seems the best tonic for conservative anomie would be a long winter stint out in the woods, working out with cinder blocks and being uncomfortable.