Jesus at the SuperBowl: A Drinking Game

To my fellow Americans who plan to watch the Superbowl today: please join me in a fun culture-war drinking game. Every time you see or hear a coach or player wax theological, take a drink. If today’s game is anything like previous events, we will probably get good and sloshed by the end.

Everyone who watches sports knows that big-league sports is one of the most common places for conservative religion to pop into mainstream media. It’s different from other types of entertainment. If you watch Jeopardy or the Big Bang Theory, for example, you will never hear characters or contestants offering Bible verses to explain their victories.

In bigtime sports, however, it is not at all unusual to see players, coaches, and commentators invoking the wrath of Jesus as part of their pre-game planning or post-game wrap up. In today’s game, we are invited to wonder if Tom Brady will finally turn to Jesus. We know that Russell Wilson already has.