For biblical Christians, however,the question is not so simple.  As evolutionary ideas became more influential, a large segment of Christians concludedthat such ideas were not compatible with their scriptural beliefs.  Some critics (including this author in an upcoming post) may argue that anti-evolutionreligious beliefs only developed recently, and that they therefore are not essential parts of traditional belief systems. But that argument doesn’t recognize that anti-evolution beliefs naturally only developed as the evolutionary threat became more culturally powerful.  Why would traditional Christians develop an anti-evolution theology before they had to?  Why would biblical Christians consider the importance of their special creation beliefs when such beliefs were unchallenged?

In short, biblical Christiansbelieve that the Bible is God’s instruction book for human living.  It is essential—not optional but
essential—that every part of it be respected and heeded.  God gave this book to humanity.  God wanted humans to use this book as their
path to salvation.  The Bible, in one way of explaining it, was God’s invitation to humanity to join him in blessed eternal life.

Any idea that contradicts thewords of that Scripture must be not only wrong, but pernicious.  The Bible clearly and concisely explains theorigins of life, including human life. Any merely human idea, such as evolution, that contradicts that biblical explanation does not even need to be considered.  It must simply be rejected.

Although it is not usually a goodidea for humans to try to deduce divine reasoning, this case almost shouts out for such an explanation.  We can see in the social results of widespread evolution education an example of what can happen when humans ignore God’s rules and try to substitute rules of their own.  God gave humans the Truth.  That truth was not only true, but healthy for humans to understand and believe.  When more people were taught biblically, society was less disgusting.  When more people were taught that humans were
created by a loving God, s ociety was less similar to a zoo with no cages.

Even for those who are not impressed with a scriptural argument, however, evolution education should still be understood as a deadly threat.  Even if one is not convinced that the Bible or other holy writ must be the starting place for our understanding of humanity and the universe, the notion that children today are educated in a way that is starkly different from the past should give one pause.  Because even if we are convinced of the basic truth of evolution, we can’t help but notice that it is a fundamentally different way of understanding humanity.  It has been taught to generations of American kids, now, without an adequate understanding of the moral revolution that it

It might be easier to understand the problem if we imagine a little more intellectual distance, a different perspective.  Consider how you felt when you read about the religious worldview of an isolated Amazon culture suddenly attacked by modern western culture.  The Yanomamo, for instance.  Just as with other cultures that have been overwhelmed by Western Euro-Americanism, the path of this
previously isolated group was depressingly predictable.  The people descend into alcoholism and depression.  Suicide and crime rates
shoot up.  Young people spend their days huffing glue and cutting their arms.  Their fundamental cultural norms were shattered; their traditional explanations of life and the universe no longer hold up.
There is no longer any compelling reason for young people to exert themselves.  They look, instead, for animal pleasures to fill the void.  And the obvious question becomes: Why is it bad when it happens to them, but acceptable when it happens to your own culture?


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High School Biology Textbooks in the 20th Century and in Current State Science Standards,” Science and Education 14 (2005): 395-422.

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  1. Bender

     /  September 4, 2011

    We can see in the social results of widespread evolution education an example of what can happen when humans ignore God’s rules and try to substitute rules of their own.

    That they stop burning heretics, or stoning adulterers? The horror….

    • Concerned Parent

       /  February 24, 2016

      Obviously posted by a person who has never been cheated on by their spouse 8^)

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