The Revisionaries Are Coming!

Good news for folks in the Binghamton, New York area!

We will be screening The Revisionaries for those of us who can’t travel to NYC or elsewhere to see it.  This documentary examines the intellectual world of Dr. Don McLeroy and his allies, c. 2010.  In that year, Dr. McLeroy used his control of the Texas State Board of Education to make some changes in the requirements for Texas textbooks.  Included in those changes were a renewed emphasis on the Christian nature of the Founding Fathers, a skeptical attitude toward evolutionary science, and a host of other conservative favorites.

For more on the 2010 Texas hearings, see Russell Shorto’s great article from a couple years back in the New York Times.

Or, for those in the scenic Southern Tier of New York, come on down to our free screening.  Thanks to Binghamton University’s Evolutionary Studies Program and its Graduate School of Education, we’re showing the film a few times in coming weeks.  All of the screenings will be free and open to the public.

The first showing will be on Monday, November 26, at 5 PM.  We’ll show the film on Binghamton’s Vestal campus, Academic Building A, G-008.  Yours truly will be leading a brief informal discussion before and after.

The campus will also be showing the film a few other times in coming weeks, details TBD.

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