Creationists Love The Bible

The young-earth creationists of Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis endorse The Bible.  Not just the Good Book, but now also the Good Movie.

Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell (MD) reviewed the new ten-hour History Channel film on the AiG website today.

I believe the folks at AiG will agree with me when I say this: they have a tendency to be extremely particular about the company they keep.  They only endorse those who agree on the importance of a young earth and a six-day creation.  Even other conservative Christians will come into AiG disfavor if they dispute those ideas.  Recently, for instance, founder Ken Ham took the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson to task for making nice with evolutionary science.

So when an AiG reviewer praises the new Bible film as something that “allows the plain truths of biblical history from the time of our origins to speak and connects those truths to the relevant issues of life,” it says a great deal about the content of the film.

Mitchell notes that the film depicts a literal world wide flood.  “Even in its opening scene,” Mitchell writes,

“a believable Noah recounts the six days of creation for his seasick family in a massive, storm-tossed Ark in a Flood that is clearly global. The worldwide scope of the Flood is portrayed by the graphic of a flooded planet and the narrator’s confirmation that the floodwaters had ‘engulfed the world.'”

Mitchell notes the necessary shortcuts that a ten-hour film must make in condensing such a massive set of books.  In the end, however, Mitchell believes that the film is true to the original.  The best proof of the film’s merit will be, in Mitchell’s words, that

“The Bible will likely lead many to Christ. Why? Because it presents the Bible’s history as real history—instead of eroding trust in God’s Word from the very first verse. Because it demonstrates the relevance of the Fall of mankind soon after creation to all the evil that has ever cursed our world. Because it depicts the Old Testament sacrifices that God intended to prefigure the ultimate sacrifice of Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29). And because it presents the Bible’s history as a continuous narrative of God’s plans for us from creation through the covenant people of Abraham and Moses to Christ and the early church, thus showing how Jesus Christ is indeed God’s answer for the sin-guilt of the entire world.”

As long as important doctrine is respected, it seems, including the truths of a young earth and a six-day creation, Answers in Genesis is happy to endorse any work that will lead to more conversions.

As we’ve been discussing lately, the Hollywood Christian power couple behind this film have advocated for more Bibles (books, that is, not films) in public schools.  If ardent young-earth creationists can endorse the film, what does that tell us about the sectarian intentions of the filmmakers?

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    • Thanks, Donald,–just kidding, Douglas–I hadn’t seen that one. This series is certainly attracting strong positive reviews from usually sharply critical Bible readers. Dr. Enns, Dr. Mitchell on AiG, World Magazine, Christian Post, and, if we can trust the source, a gaggle of top celebrities we don’t usually associate with conservative Christianity.

      • Thanks for the additional links Aaron – oops – Adam 🙂 Enns’ comments are interesting and a bit surprising, and the readers’ commens run the gamut from praise to pan, Personally, I will most likely steer clear of watching.

  1. Alan? Duh – I meant Adam


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