Sarah Palin’s Long March through the Schools

Remember Sarah Palin?

She seems to be working hard to stay in the culture-wars limelight.  According to a story in the Christian Post, in a recent speech at Southeastern University, an Assemblies of God school in Lakeland, Florida, Palin encouraged Christian students to “infiltrate” America.  Christian students, Palin told the assembled multitude, could help remind America about God by becoming active in culture, law, and politics.

The current problems in America, Palin told SEU students, resulted from the fact that “as a nation, we have forgotten God altogether.”  The solution was for religious schools like SEU to send out their students to take jobs in every field, to reinvigorate traditional values by living them every day in every field.

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  1. Why is anyone still listening to this criminally stupid woman?

    • Thankfully I have been in Germany for the past few months and have not been exposed to the craziness of the Palins, Coulters, Hannitys, etc. of the US. I would add willfully to the criminally……


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