Rednecks and the Bible

H/t: H.T.

From the I-can’t-believe-I-haven’t-heard-about-this-til-now desk: The American Bible Challenge, a TV game show in which contestants go head-to-head on their knowledge of Bible trivia.  This show, in which a famous redneck asks teams about the Bible, has proven to be enormously popular.

Generally, I can’t say I’m a big fan of comedian Jeff Foxworthy.  His schtick seems to rely only on a single tired question: Are you a redneck?

But Foxworthy has parleyed his aw-shucks routine into major stardom.  First, he starred as part of a painful Blue Collar Comedy Tour.  Then, he asked game-show viewers if they were smarter than fifth-graders.

Now, as host of the Bible quiz show, Foxworthy has participated in the most popular game show in the history of the Game Show Network.

With contestants such as “The Rockin Rabbis” and an evangelical pastor with the nickname “The Walking Bible,” contestants seem to come from a variety of faith backgrounds.  As a segment from the news show Rock Center described, the show seems to be more than just Jesus Jeopardy.  With an on-stage gospel band and a prayer-service-like studio audience, this Bible show feels more like a worship service than a chance to win thousands of dollars.

More proof, if more were needed, that American religiosity is an infinitely malleable thing.  Not a vestige from some imagined past, but part and parcel of the everyday changes in American culture.

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