Fundamentalists Go to School

Homeschool, fundamentalist colleges, mainstream law school.

That’s the educational career described movingly this morning by “Georgia” at Defeating the Dragons.

Georgia describes her parents’ decision to pull her out of public schools.  Though her parents were indeed staunchly conservative religious folks, the decision, as she remembered, was more about academic rigor than about Jesus.

When it came time for college, she first attended Pensacola Christian College.  As I’ve written elsewhere, the founders of this school chastised the leaders of Bob Jones University for not being strict enough.

From there, she moved to the relatively liberal Liberty University, “relatively” being the key word here.  With that degree under her belt, she attended Vanderbilt University Law School.

For those of us outsiders who are trying to understand conservative thinking about education, her story can tell us a great deal about one family’s attitudes.  As she remembers it, there was (and is) a good deal of bitterness and disagreement within her own family about the contours of proper education for conservative Christians.


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