Binghamton University On Top!

You all can take your college basketball and shove it.  My beloved employer, Binghamton University, has topped the college charts this week in the only way that really matters: annual snowfall.  We Bearcats come in sixth overall, trailing behind only Syracuse, Northern Arizona (?), Montana State, University of Colorado—Boulder, and SUNY Buffalo.

They Couldn't Have This Much Fun with a Mere 85.2 Inches of Snow!

They Couldn’t Have This Much Fun with a Mere 85.2 Inches of Snow!

Don’t get me wrong: students come here for more than the snow.  Binghamton has consistently ranked among the top schools for its combination of academic excellence and affordability.  The university is home to unique and marvelous institutions such as David Sloan Wilson’s EvoS program.  Without leaving snowy Binghamton, it’s possible to meet and greet some of the most exciting minds in the world of evolution/creation debates.

But as I look out my window this spring afternoon at a sheet of ice and crusty snow in my backyard, I realize that such top academic rankings and fancy special programs can only get people to CONSIDER Binghamton.  We STAY for the snow.


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  1. Northern Arizona is in Flagstaff – around 7000 feet, similar to Colorado Springs and higher [in some ways] than Boulder. Lots of snow this year in the Rockies.

    • Aha. I was wondering how far “north” one could get even in “Northern” Arizona. Thanks for the info.

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