I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

[Editor’s Note: We at ILYBYGTH are happy to announce a new feature, “I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading.”  In this weekly column, we’ll point out stories of interest to SAGLRROILYBYGTH, a sort of “in case you missed it” list.  Will we be able to keep it up?  Who knows.  But let’s give it a try and see if people like it.  Suggestions for readings are always welcome to our editorial desk: alaats AT binghamton DOT edu .]

December Seventh, 2015

READING man in chair

Words, words, words…

What did you miss out there? A few stories that caught our eye this past week:

Should this conservative professor be fired?

The politics of math education, or, 2 + 2 = culture war.

High-school students debate bullying, coddling, and identity politics. Is it bullying for students to insist that only certain students can ever REALLY understand the harm of white male privilege?

Bernie Sanders wants “college for all.” Do you agree with his argument?

Is the GOP dominated by extremists? NYT readers put in their two cents.

Can college professors teach about slavery without using language that is “extremely insensitive and hurtful?”

Everett Piper at Oklahoma Wesleyan University tells students to stop whining.

Rod Dreher shares: Academic history is not real history.

Today’s college protests as religious revivals.

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