I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

It happens. Every once in a while, especially in May, some of us leave our computer screens. Sure, we might smell a flower or two, but we miss the torrent of news stories that keeps flowing through the interwebs. Here are some of the stories SAGLRROILYBYGTH might have missed over the past week:

Should schools do more to include controversial issues? An interview with Jon Zimmerman about his new book, The Case for Contention.

Have Jerry Falwell Jr. and other evangelical Trumpists turned themselves into “court evangelicals?” Have they “sacrificed the prophetic voice of their Christian faith for a place of power and influence in the current administration”? John Fea says yes at Religion News Service.

Who is the extremist here? Texas A&M students protest that Professor Thomas Curry is not an anti-white violent radical.

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Bill Nye’s new show stinks. Tyler Huckabee argues in WaPo that Nye should have studied evangelical outreach first.

Remember MOOCs? They were going to spell the end of traditional higher education. Why haven’t they? At IHE, Joshua Kim offers three reasons.

Regulating homeschool: A dramatic Kansas case draws attention to the lack of rules about homeschooling. Is homeschooling to blame for this seven-year-old’s murder?

Thanks to everyone who sent in stories and tips.

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Whatta week! The stories were flyin fast ‘n’ furious. SAGLRROILYBYGTH can’t be blamed if we missed some of the action. Your humble editor has collected a few of the biggies:

What did Trump’s religious-freedom order do?

Do we now have a Protestant on the Supreme Court? Sorta, as Richard Mouw points out. Why aren’t there more evangelical jurists?


Words, words, words…

Catholics and science: A long love affair.

More than a culture-war battle: Elesha Coffman reviews Treloar’s Disruption of Evangelicalism at Christianity Today. Instead of the same old story of fundamentalists fighting modernists, Treloar argues for a wide middle in evangelical churches.

Was Susan B. Anthony really the great-godmother of pro-life feminists? Historian Daniel K. Williams sets the record straight at First Things.

They do not like her. Students at Bethune-Cookman University booed mercilessly as Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos tried to deliver a commencement speech. Many stood and turned their backs to her.

Trump seemed to pick his commencement audience better. The Liberty crowd didn’t even seem to mind the fact that he obviously didn’t know nuthin about the Bible. HT: LC

Does Bob Jones University really regret its racist past? As John Fea notes, the school has made moves to put its new anti-racist rhetoric into action.

What is life like for conservative students on liberal college campuses? The New York Times profiled a few of Berkeley’s conservative dissenters.

Thanks to all who sent tips and stories.

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

A collection of stories SAGLRROILYBYGTH might have missed this past week from around the interwebs:

From our great neighbor to the north: Alberta’s provincial government stands accused of funneling public money to a school that taught Scientology.  HT: DK

John Fea collected historians’ comments about President Trump’s latest foray into wacky history.

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What’s the real black/white “achievement gap” in public schools? Maybe the problem is that white teachers are not as good as African American ones.

Lots of progressive teachers hate the way the federal government imposed tons of high-stakes standardized tests. Could the Trump administration become their anti-testing friend? California is testing the testing waters.

A new trend? Or a go-nowhere stunt? To alleviate the shortage of STEM teachers, North Carolina’s legislature is mooting a bill to allow college professors to teach in K12 schools without certification or licensure.

Check your calendar: What year is this? A NYC school official is accused of communism, as the New York Times reports.

Senator Mark Green is out. Trump’s creationist pick for Secretary of the Army has withdrawn his nomination, due to criticism over his anti-LGBTQ statements.

Campus protest as a “know-nothing” performance: John McWhorter makes his case at the Daily Beast.

Thanks to all the SAGLRROILYBYGTH who sent in tips and stories.

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Up here in the wilds of upstate New York, Spring has finally Sprung. Your humble editor abandoned his computer screen to poke his nose outside of his cave this week. Nevertheless, stuff kept happenin. Here are some of the stories we might have missed this week…

Does American education willfully neglect the needs of smart kids? That’s the argument Pratik Chougule makes this week at The American Conservative.

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When are public-school Bible classes problematic? When they ask kids to imagine Adam & Eve frolicking with dinosaurs. We see yet another case this week. This time, it’s from West Virginia, as reported in WaPo.

You’re sick of hearing about the “Benedict Option” for conservative religious folks. Well, how about the “faithful compromise” of a Daniel Option?

New York City just went all in. Conservatives typically denigrate the effectiveness of government preschool programs. Who’s right? A new nerd report from Brookings highlights our knowledge about pre-K effectiveness.

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Your humble editor has been distracted lately by all the excitement of our New York National History Day competition in scenic Cooperstown, New York. The rest of the world, though, kept on rollin. Here are some of the stories we might have missed…

What does Steve Bannon think of God? Hugh Urban describes Bannon’s theology at Religion & Politics.

Baylor picks its first woman president. Is this a new normal for evangelical higher education?

The latest from the Lutherans: Check out coverage of the Missouri church/school case currently before SCOTUS.

Trinity Lutheran v. Missouri, No.15-577

Can religious schools get ANY public money? How much? …for what?

Can arch-creationist Ken Ham support the March for Science? The answer won’t surprise you.

Will school lunches get fat again? Trump’s pick for the USDA might roll back nutrition guidelines for school meals, from Politico. (Scroll down).

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

While we were napping, the world kept on turnin. Here’s some of what we may have missed last week…

Is it cruel to ask low-income kids to work for their school lunch? From the pages of the New York Times: New Mexico says yes.


Words, words, words.

Culture war? No, civil religion. In the Atlantic, Emma Green interviews Phil Gorski about American Covenant.

How can we tell if our teachers are any good? Not by using students’ standardized test scores. At least, that’s the decision in Connecticut this week.

Ivanka is “totally in love” with education issues. That’s what President Trump said, anyway, at a recent education town hall event. Other quips? Urban education is “rough.” Everyone loves Betsy DeVos. Common Core is out. Charters are in. As reported by WaPo’s Valerie Strauss.

Yes! Rick Perlstein explains in the New York Times why Trumpism took historians of American conservatism by surprise.

You’ve seen the clips: United Airlines beats up its customers in an attempt to keep its flights on time. Peter Greene argues that the incident is more proof against Trump-style school reform.

What’s wrong with the Department of Education? A Trumpist in Congress makes his case.

Thanks to the SAGLRROILYBYGTH for sending in the story tips! Keep em comin…

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

What did you miss last week?  Here are a few stories that might be of interest…

The tradition continues: The entire faculty senate at Gordon College resigned suddenly this week. HT: JF

All you college teachers out there: Dan Willingham reviews two new studies about students who use laptops during lectures.  Dell won’t be happy.

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Senator Bernie Sanders introduces his free college-tuition plan. He doesn’t think it will pass, but that’s not the point.

Will privatization school reformers repeat the mistakes of the GOP health-care flop? Andrew Rotherham makes the case.

Why are some free-marketeers nervous about Betsy DeVos? They want more charters and more choices, too, but they think her plans to get them might backfire.

Hersh? Ze? They! Grammar nerds decide we can use “they” and “them” instead of “he or she” and “him and her.” As in “everybody has their opinion,” instead of “everybody has his or her opinion.”

Evangelical Christians have always had a complicated relationship to nationalism and patriotism.  Is America a “Christian nation?” Has God been “kicked out?”  Is Trump’s appeal to Christian nationalism anything new?  For a great set of academic articles considering these tough questions, check out the new volume of Religions, edited by the inestimable Mark Edwards.


I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Stories that swirled by our editorial desk this week that might be of interest to SAGLRROILYBYGTH:

How can schools save America?  A conservative case for Head Start.


Words, words, words…

Forget about fundamentalism for a second.  Is Liberty University just a good ol-fashioned scam?  Kevin Carey makes the case in the New York Times.

What happens when Ivy Leaguers hang out with the Bible-college crowd?  Jonathan Zimmerman describes the results.

Have religious conservatives really become persecuted minorities?  A review of Nelson Tebbe’s new book, Religious Freedom in an Egalitarian Age.

Was Trump University just another higher-ed scam after all?  Check out the lawsuit settlement deal.

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Editor’s Note: With ILYBYGTH back on the air, we’re pleased to re-introduce a regular feature: I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading, a list of ILYBYGTH-friendly readings from around the interwebs.  Have a suggestion for the list?  Send em in to our editorial desk: alaats AT binghamton DOT edu

What’s it like to be a conservative student at a liberal university?  In the New York Times this week, Marin Cogan argues that the experience can make conservatives tougher but weirder.

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Words, words, meow…

We’re all familiar with conservative schooling in the USA.  What does it look like elsewhere?  According to The Guardian, one right-wing kindergarten in Japan abused students, spewed racial hatred, and had links to the top.

In the Washington Post, Emma Brown and Danielle Douglas-Gabriel take a look at Trumpism in public schools.  What does it mean?  No surprise: Big budget cuts, more privatization.

President Trump, the Great Uniter??!??  When it comes to his budget, it looks as if POTUS has brought together conservative and liberal religious groups.

The news from home: A campus in the University of Wisconsin system fired, then re-hired an employee.  The charge?  The employee allegedly supported President Trump’s travel ban on Muslims.

I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

January 18, 2016

What did you miss out there?

Americans know science the way we know that “Jesus’ mother was a virgin or that we should never wear white before Memorial Day.”

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Words, words, meow…

Conservatives aren’t as simple-minded as you thought.

We kicked him out of New York. What can we expect from John King as Education Secretary?

When will ad-writers stop trying to be clever by abusing the great tradition of anthimeria?

No matter who wins, colleges lose with big-money football.

Powerball is a rip-off.

Why is this conservative professor so lonely?

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