Not Goodbye, But…

The time has come for your humble editor to take a break from ILYBYGTH, at least temporarily.

With many thanks for all the conversations and connections over the years, I’ve decided I need to call a hiatus. I am planning to spend more time on long-form writing, including trying my hand at a book for a wider readership. In spite of my best efforts over the past few months, it doesn’t seem like I can do that and keep up my editorial duties in these pages.

What will I be working on? In addition to completing my current book, Fundamentalist U, I want to try to write a book for non-specialists There’s a question familiar to ILYBYGTH readers that deserves a wider audience.  In But Why Is Jesus on a Dinosaur?, I’ll try to help outsiders like me make sense of American creationism.

Keep your eyes peeled, SAGLRROILYBYGTH. And feel free to check out my new website for updates and continuing commentary.

********************Thank you!**************************

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  1. Agellius

     /  February 1, 2016

    I’ve really enjoyed it. I was never that much into education history but your personal style has made the subject appealing and interesting. I wish you all the best.

  2. Good luck with the book. Quite stoked to read it!


  3. I’ll miss your blogging, Adam, and I’ll look forward to your books. Thanks for the great discussions.

  4. See you on the other side.


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