I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Editor’s Note: With ILYBYGTH back on the air, we’re pleased to re-introduce a regular feature: I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading, a list of ILYBYGTH-friendly readings from around the interwebs.  Have a suggestion for the list?  Send em in to our editorial desk: alaats AT binghamton DOT edu

What’s it like to be a conservative student at a liberal university?  In the New York Times this week, Marin Cogan argues that the experience can make conservatives tougher but weirder.

reading cat

Words, words, meow…

We’re all familiar with conservative schooling in the USA.  What does it look like elsewhere?  According to The Guardian, one right-wing kindergarten in Japan abused students, spewed racial hatred, and had links to the top.

In the Washington Post, Emma Brown and Danielle Douglas-Gabriel take a look at Trumpism in public schools.  What does it mean?  No surprise: Big budget cuts, more privatization.

President Trump, the Great Uniter??!??  When it comes to his budget, it looks as if POTUS has brought together conservative and liberal religious groups.

The news from home: A campus in the University of Wisconsin system fired, then re-hired an employee.  The charge?  The employee allegedly supported President Trump’s travel ban on Muslims.

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