I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Another rip-roaring week has come and gone in the offices of ILYBYGTH. Here are some stories you might have missed:

Anti-Muslim? Or pro-secular? School-prayer debates in Ontario.

Forget about free speech and violent protests for a second. At WaPo, Jeffrey Selingo argues that there are much bigger problems to worry about in the world of higher education.Bart reading bible

Southern evangelical churches wonder what to do about their Confederate monuments.

Summer vacation is here. From the Fordham Institute, Christopher Rom says we need to get rid of it. And it’s not because we’re not all a bunch of farmers anymore.

Jerry Falwell wants in. But other university leaders want out. Queen Betsy’s Ed Dept is having trouble filling its ranks.

The more things change…Southern Baptist Convention debates an anti-racism resolution.

More Trumpian tragedy: Cabinet meeting relives the opening of King Lear.

Helicopter parenting and the authoritarian personality: Pratik Chougule makes the case at the American Conservative.

Teaching climate change: A rundown of the latest developments.

DeVos’s Ed Dept. closes a sexual-assault investigation at Liberty University.

What do we do when a religion is all about racial violence? The question of Odinism.

Will vouchers help? Only at the edges, two researchers claim. Positive effects from vouchers are due to something else.

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  1. Interesting article on Odinism. It seems to position Odinism as something antithetical to Christianity, but it seems more like an outgrowth of it, that attracts people with a Christian background like Miller and Breivik. Miller’s earlier career with the Klan and Breivik’s obsession with the crusades and Christian defence of Europe from Muslim invasion are both common, Christian compatible ideologies. Richard Spencer, who still considers himself an Evangelical Christian, has reflected on this in the past, and his progression from religious conservative to white nationalist was expressed in his writings online around 2006-08 and after. Spencer’s contention has been the religious right really wants and believes the same things but is afraid or otherwise unable to express this openly.


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