How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

For family reasons, I spent Christmas this year in scenic Florence, Kentucky. florence yallOnce the presents were opened and the piñatas destroyed, I snuck off to see the newish jaw-dropper from Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis: The Ark Encounter.

It really was a remarkable sight—an enormous ark rising out of the Kentucky fields. For the next few days, I’ll be sharing my reflections about the trip.



As SAGLRROILYBYGTH know, I’m no creationist, but I’m not interested in poking fun at the young-earthers. I don’t even want to get into a shouting match about why this kind of science doesn’t make sense to me. Rather, as I finish up my new book about American creationism, I wanted to use my visit to understand radical creationism better. And it worked, sorta. My trip has my head whirling with questions like the following:

  • How does the Ark museum help explain why so many white evangelicals love Trump?
  • If the idea of dinosaurs hanging around with people is so radically different from mainstream science, why does AIG harp on it so much?
  • Why the fascination with poop?
  • Do other museums these days put huge blown-up comic books on the walls?
  • Who are the young-earth creationists competing with?
  • Why are the AIG folks so obsessed with college?

Right off the bat, though, I can’t help but remark on the most obvious lesson I learned from my field trip: In many ways, the Ark Encounter is at least as much about making money as about saving souls. Like all museums everywhere, we had to overpay for parking—ten bucks in a mostly-empty lot. And like all museums everywhere, for some reason we could have coughed up fifty-one cents for a squashed-penny Ark Encounter memento.


Squeezing every penny out of visitors…

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  1. The Kid

     /  December 28, 2017

    Why do all you atheists have to ruin things with science? Do you go to Star Wars movies and yell out constantly “That’s impossible! That’s impossible!” If we want to live in a bronze-age fantasy, why won’t you just let us be? Think of what we do as spiritual cosplay – with legislation, homophobia and sometimes killing and war. Okay, we’re not perfect, but who is (other than Jesus)? Please just do us a favor and leave us the darn heck alone and maybe, if you’re lucky and convert and give your life over to God and Jesus and condemn other in their name, you just may be able to live in peace – but not for long because President Trump just gave the go ahead to the Jews to fight the end times battle. Yes! May Satan be gone from your life henceforth you heathen atheist.

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