Number One with a Bullet List

How do they rank em? No idea. But by whatever Seattle voodoo they use at Amazon to rank books, Fundamentalist U has ended up at #1.number one new release list

To be fair, it’s only number one in the category of “religious studies education.” Other top denizens of this list include How to Memorize the Bible Fast ‘n’ Easy (selling for a whopping zero dollars and zero cents!) and Empresarios del Reino by “business coach” Raul Lugo.

I never thought I’d share much space with that kind of blockbuster. After all, as a close relative once explained to another relative, I don’t write “the kind of books that people read.”

In any case, I’m looking forward to the book’s release in the near future. The official date is March 1st, but Oxford is shipping pre-orders on February 1st.

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