I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Jesus on dinosaurs, teachers on strike…it was another busy week here at ILYBYGTH International. Here are a few stories that caught our eye. Thanks to everyone who sent in stories and tips…

“Jesus Rode a Dinosaur:” Christian conference seeks to help youth pastors do a better job talking about science, at RNS. HT: GB.

jesus rode a dinosaur

Where your Templeton money is going…

Could it work? Arne Duncan calls for a school boycott to change gun laws. At TP.

The wrong answer to school shootings: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick at CNN.

The latest on teacher strikes:

President Carter gently mocks Trump at Liberty commencement, at RNS.

Proof: AZ changed science standards to make room for creationism, at 12NEWS.

Science missionaries confront hostile creationist locals, at BioLogos.

Christian college administrators tend to censor student newspapers, at IHE.

Why do conservatives hate public schools? One conservative’s argument at AP.

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  1. Here’s a story to add that needs to be picked up in the press: Warren Throckmorton’s entire blog has been deleted from Patheos with very little warning for very sketchy, vague reasons.

    I pointed out to Warren and John Fea on Twitter that Patheos+BeliefNet is now owned by Jay Sekulow and Co. — people to his fundraising and investment vehicles with shared ties to Dobson’s FoF, Pat Robertson, the NRA, the ACLJ, and other entities Throckmorton has criticized, including Sekulow who is “Trump’s lawyer.”

    All the old posts are restored now at wthrockmorton.com, but this is still a serious loss. Patheos has twice the reach of Christianity Today and a unique position at the lead of English-language religion and spirituality sites. The number of quality experts at Patheos like Warren — scholars and journalists — also makes this repressive action a significant negative.

    • *people connected to.

      If you do some searching in Bloomberg and other corporate board record trackers, you will see who controls BN Media LLC now.


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