I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

April Fool’s, but who’s the fool? Maybe this week’s readings from around the interwebs will help us figure it out:

Has Trumpism killed the New York Times? At Esquire.

New York Times Trump

Who will be the ultimate loser in this fight?

Still not Fonda Jane: Upstate town breaks with museum over her induction to the Women’s Hall of Fame, at RD&C.

What do standardized tests measure? North Carolina study finds higher results are tied to food at home, at Chalkbeat.

Trump’s intervention in campus politics:

Harris 2020! Democratic hopeful promises big pay raises for teachers, at NBC.

Another step toward the teacher as widget: Michigan uses temp agency to provide its substitute teachers, at DFP.

Using prayer as a culture-war weapon in PA, at The Hill.

St. Louis school board candidates endorse teaching creationism, at FA.

Bad news for historians of American evangelicalism: Billy Graham’s papers might leave Wheaton, at TWOILH.

Are Methodists heading for a split? At R&P.

Could it help? What admissions lotteries at fancy colleges might look like, at NPR.

What will Westmont College do with its White Jesus? At RA.


Westmont’s “White Jesus”–stay or go?

What people who aren’t teachers don’t understand, at Curmudgucation.

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