I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Whatta week! Diffident popes, pesky Vice Presidents, and measles, measles, measles. To start your Monday, here are a few of the stories we pulled from the headlines:

Nope from the Pope: Francis might need to put up a sign. At TG.

Striking teachers these days might not be surprised at all to find out what New York’s first school administrators tried to do to teachers. My report from the archives at HNN.

Hope for the liberal arts? Wisconsin campus reverses its cuts, keeps its history department. At IHE.

Texas State University defends conservative student group, at CHE.

Making the case for Career & Technical Education, at CJ.

Read the Bible? Or are you waiting for the movie to come out?  Wait no more! CT profiles The Bible Project.

Who still loves Mike Pence? Not this faculty member at Taylor University, where Pence will give the commencement speech, at WaPo.

  • But lots of other evangelicals still do. We ask why the smartest evangelicals are so often so far out of the loop, here at ILYBYGTH.

Measles, God, and school: New York City gears up for a fight with private religious schools over vaccinations. At CBS.

Uh oh: From Bored Teachers, a parent-teacher conference with creationist parents:


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