I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Even with big holidays, this was a humdinger of a week. Pence commencement, tortured homeschoolers, and, yes, the progressives come out against Buttigieg’s progressive Christianity:

This week’s special: More proof—no one knows how to draw the line between church, state, and school.

For the Easter season: History’s other victims of crucifixion, at H&H.

A progressive voice speaks out against Buttigieg’s progressive Christianity, at FA.

once the satisfying adrenalin rush subsides, we need to ask ourselves if this is really where we want to take the American political dialogue. Arguing over how to define a “real” Christian might have its place — in churches and homes — but not at the top level of policy-making.

More from Taylor as the Pence parade comes to town:

dino at ark encounter

Vote Pence 2020!

A new route to school segregation: Wealthy areas splitting off to form their own school districts, at EW.

What’s wrong with leasing? At FPR.

to the extent that we can practice it virtuously, ownership can result in a greater investment in society and considerable potential for self-development. We should not give it up so easily. In a leased reality we are less aware of our limits and more subject to the winds of economic change and the whims of corporations.

Erm…Fox & Friends goes full creationist with a happy visit to Ark Encounter.

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