I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

What does the new SAT “adversity” score have to do with mac ‘n’ cheez? What does Islamophobia have to do with Common Core Math? Why should Trump start packing? Read on!

All over for Trump? First GOP lawmaker calls for impeachment, at CNN.

How do “miracle” charter schools do it? It’s not easy, but it is obvious. At Curmudgucation.

The secret formula for “miracle” schools (well, real ones and not the ones that are completely faking it) is the same as always– committed students, committed families, extra time and money, lots of support and resources, high standards, and an open exit door for those who don’t want to meet those standards.

It’s true: Houston just voted to kick Teach For America out of its schools, at HC. HT: MM

Is yoga too religious for public schools? At TC.

Yoga and mindfulness could become the fourth “R” of public education. But up for debate is whether the “R” in this case stands for relaxation or religion. . . . it may be constitutional for yoga and mindfulness to be available on school grounds, but students should be able to choose to get into the programs.

Be afraid, children, be very afraid. At The Atlantic, an examination of lockdown drills as the latest school bogey.

These lockdowns can be scarring, causing some kids to cry and wet themselves. Others have written letters bidding their family goodbye or drafted wills that specify what to do with their belongings. . . . children are being trained to anticipate an outcome that is both terrifying and extremely unlikely to happen to them.

Stained-glass culture wars: Southwestern Baptist Seminary removes chapel windows featuring Jerry Falwell, at Liberty.edu. HT: DS.

liberty stained glass

Not wanted at Southwestern…

Oh, no. A majority of Americans don’t want schools to teach “Arabic numerals.” At DK. HT: TO.

The conservative case for embracing evolutionary theory, at NR.

evolutionary biology is nothing for conservatives to fear, because it is one of the crowning achievements of modern Western civilization. It should be viewed not as an acid gnawing at the bones of civilization, but as a jewel. The science built upon the rock of Charles Darwin’s ideas is a reflection of Western modernity’s commitment to truth as a fundamental value. And many Christians well-versed in evolutionary science find it entirely compatible with their religious beliefs.

Gordon College announces program cuts, at IHE.

Why the new “adversity score” won’t save the SAT, at Forbes.

You go to the grocery store and buy a box of macaroni and cheese, and as you check out, the clerk says, “You know, that box doesn’t actually have any cheese in it. Let me give you this.” And they hand you a plastic bag with some cheese in it.

You ask, “What kind of cheese is this? How was it made? Where did it come from? How much do I add? And what do you mean the box of macaroni and cheese doesn’t actually contain macaroni and cheese?”

The clerk ignores most of your questions. “Just use the amount that seems right. You know—just kind of eyeball it.”

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