I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Reporting today from deep within Philadelphia’s archives. For those of you who are not stuck in 1819, here are some of the top ILYBYGTH news stories from June 2019:

The mainstream catches up: NBC reports on Dems ditching charters.

Why Biden’s busing history matters, according to Jonathan Kozol at The Nation.

Two Christian universities accused of improper student-recruiting practices, at IHE.

Wish you had enough $$$ to send your kids to a fancy-pants private school? Maybe not so much. At the Atlantic, we hear the goings-on at elite Sidwell Friends in DC have reached reality-show proportions.

Instances of disrespect are anomalous and often anonymous, but have nevertheless become increasingly intense and inappropriate. The circulation of rumors about students and/or the verbal assault of employees are antithetical to the School’s values and create a dispiriting work environment.

NPR asks one of its journalists for historical expertise on abortion laws and has to correct what she said.

Dr Thompson TweetJoe Biden still a little pro-life, at The Atlantic.

Conservatives have good reason to worry about evolutionary theory, at RA.

…but will it work? NPR interviews economists on Dem’s plans to inject money into public education.

Conservatives are sorta right—mainstream media does have a bias, at WaPo.

Conservative Christians fighting over culture-war tactics, at the Atlantic:

If you are centrally a political conservative and you also happen to be a Christian, then perhaps you may set aside certain Christian commandments in order to achieve your primary ends. But if you are centrally a Christian and secondarily a political conservative, then you have certain obligations that you cannot ignore. . . . Even if Ahmari and others now associated with First Things are right to say that the old-fashioned commitment to liberal proceduralism is a “dead consensus”—even if we Christians are facing a genuine crisis—charity, and the civility and decency that accompany charity and have so consistently been manifested by “Pastor French,” are what we are commanded to do. And charity begins at home.

Why did NYC elite public schools grow more segregated? Test prep, says NYT.bronx test prep centers

Are charter schools racist or anti-racist? In California, the answer’s “Yes.” At T74.

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