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Dress for Success!

Well, friends, March 1st is just around the corner. And that means the official release of my new book, Fundamentalist U: Keeping the Faith in American Higher Education. Cover art final

I’ve heard from none of you that you plan to “Harry-Potter” this release. That is, that you plan to camp out all night at the bookstore on Wednesday, February 28th, dressed as your favorite personage from Fundamentalist U. For those of you who will be doing so, I’ll share here a few images of the people you might choose to dress up as.

I’m not sure how many of them were in Hufflepuff…

All of these people play important roles in the history of conservative evangelical higher education. For bonus points, can you match the pix to the names? Or the names to the relevant institutions?

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Mark Noll
  2. Elisabeth Howard Elliot
  3. Russell Mixter
  4. Henry Morris
  5. James M. Gray
  6. Clifton Fowler
  7. Hudson Armerding
  8. Charles Blanchard
  9. Larycia Hawkins
  10. J. Oliver Buswell

Have fun, and see you at the bookstore!

Trumpist Towers? Or Critical Colleges?

I’ve said it before and now I’m saying it again: Trumpism speaks to long traditions among white evangelicals. And time and again, evangelical colleges have been the institutional homes of Trump-like yearnings to “make America great again.” As I argue this afternoon over at Religion Dispatches, however, evangelical colleges have also played another key role.

RD screenshot

Are evangelical colleges bastions of Trumpism? Or are they the only places evangelicals can turn to find out what’s wrong with loving The Donald?

I won’t give away the entire argument. SAGLRROILYBYGTH might be bored to tears with the topic and you can read the whole thing if you’re interested. But I will say that it’s no surprise that President Trump loves Liberty University. It’s also no surprise, however, that the Liberty community isn’t sure if they love him back.

Confirmed Sighting

It exists! Thanks to the folks at Oxford, I have received the first copy of Fundamentalist U. Looks good!

fundy u FIRST COPY

Hot off the presses…

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered a copy. Those pre-orders will be shipping on Thursday. The kindle version will be available then, too. The hardcover release will be on March 1.

In the meantime, you can read some blurbs to see what leading nerds have had to say about it. You can also read a short Q&A at RACM, here and here.

Number One with a Bullet List

How do they rank em? No idea. But by whatever Seattle voodoo they use at Amazon to rank books, Fundamentalist U has ended up at #1.number one new release list

To be fair, it’s only number one in the category of “religious studies education.” Other top denizens of this list include How to Memorize the Bible Fast ‘n’ Easy (selling for a whopping zero dollars and zero cents!) and Empresarios del Reino by “business coach” Raul Lugo.

I never thought I’d share much space with that kind of blockbuster. After all, as a close relative once explained to another relative, I don’t write “the kind of books that people read.”

In any case, I’m looking forward to the book’s release in the near future. The official date is March 1st, but Oxford is shipping pre-orders on February 1st.

The Art Is In!

Thanks to the folks at Oxford, we have a terrific cover for my new book about the history of evangelical higher education. We had batted around a few other ideas about cover art, including artsy-fied excerpts from some of the student rulebooks. In the end, my editor thought those looked too busy and hard to read and I think she was right. Especially when I see this snazzy cover.Cover art final

When can you get your hands on a copy? Soon. Pre-orders are available now, and OUP promises to ship on February 1st.

Ready for Pre-Order!

I know, I know, a lot of eager readers were planning to dress up as their favorite evangelical university president and camp out at their local bookstore when the new book was released.

harry potter camp out

I’m pretty sure she’s dressed as Wheaton’s Hudson Armerding…

I’m happy to say that’s not necessary. You can put in pre-orders now for Fundamentalist U. Oxford is saying the books will ship February 1, 2018.

The Proof’s in the Pudding

Well, I guess there ain’t no stopping it now. I’ve just received the proof pages for my upcoming book about the history of evangelical higher education. Fundy U proof title page

It is a very exciting moment for any nerd to see the way the book will actually look in print.

And now, the last stage of my work begins. I’ll go over these proofs with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any typos or other errors. It’s too late at this stage for me to make any major changes in the content, but I still want to be sure there are no goofs in the printing. fundy u proof TOC

I’ll also use this time to put together an index. I’m always surprised by how much I enjoy this process. It’s a ton of painstaking work, to be sure, but I like putting together a topical list of the book’s main ideas, sorted out by sub-headings.

When will all this come together as a final book? Once I send in the final proofs and the index, the folks at OUP will do their magic and get the book out by early 2018. I’ll keep you posted!

I Have a Date!

It wasn’t something I could say very often in high school…or in college…or throughout the 1990s, for that matter. But I can say it now: I’ve got a date! In this case, I only mean a publication date for my upcoming book, Fundamentalist U: Keeping the Faith in American Higher Education.

There’s still a lot to do. The copyeditor at Oxford will take a whack at my manuscript. Then she’ll send me a list of suggested changes and edits. I’ll give the whole thing the once-over and send it back. Then they produce proofs. At that stage, I will fine-tooth-comb the proofs, looking out for any typos. Most important—and most time-consuming—I will also prepare an index. It takes a lot of time, but with my second book I found indexing to be surprisingly satisfying intellectual endeavor.

So when will the new book hit the shelves? January 1, 2018.

At least, that’s our current plan. Things can happen and slow down the process, but if all goes well, the new year will have a new book for company.