I Love You but You Didn’t Do the Reading

Time to give thanks for another batch of hot-mess headlines. This week saw some doozies:

The Roy Moore mess in Alabama; Or, Does anyone really support sexual predators?

Larry Cuban asks what happened to MOOCs.

Bart reading bibleCalifornia approves new guidelines for teaching LGBTQ history in elementary schools.

Williams College president: What if we thought of white-supremacist campus speakers differently?

  • “If the World Wrestling Federation demanded to hold a cage match on the Berkeley campus, would the university be obligated to host it at public expense?”

Is this the end of college? SIU moves to abolish academic departments, from IHE.

Why did white evangelicals vote for a moral monster? Eric C. Miller interviews Stephen Mansfield about his new book, Choosing Donald Trump.

Genocide and Gravy: What should we think about Thanksgiving?

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  1. The deepest explanation for Moore’s mentality and it’s endurance (especially in the Deep South) can be found in Orlando Patterson’s magisterial work on slavery, where he explains the foundational and always sexual-political role of hierarchies of domination (slave-master, male-female) in the soteriology (theology of salvation) of St. Paul. Patterson suggests there are two major ideologies one can develop toward real-world slavery from the New Testament, one of which justifies a patriarchal domination. Moore is a living legacy of the classical, biblical, and medieval traditions that have always been a part of the “romance” of the South and its justification for “traditional” roles. He is not an Evangelical or American outlier; look at the ages of consent as defined by each state — and the fact that this, and all criminal law, remains subject to state rather than federal control.

  2. Typo alert: it’s Eric C. Miller, not Eric D. Miller at RD.


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