Adam Laats on Evos & You

Many thanks to DJ SupplyGuy for hosting a talk yesterday on his radio show “EVoS & You.”  DJSG presented some interesting questions and our short half-hour talk ranged from pen-dropping to ham-and-cheese sandwiches.

Some of the questions we wrestled with:

  • Why do so many Americans doubt evolution?
  • Why do smart evolutionary scientists seem so dumb about creationism?
  • How can evolution education do a better job?

Check out the show: Evos and You~2012_10_16_17_00_08.


ILYBYGTH at RiverRead Books

…and you’re invited!  Everyone in the Binghamton area is welcome at a book talk I’ll be

giving at RiverRead Books in downtown Bingo.  Mark your calendars: September 20 at 6:30 PM.

I’ll be talking about the subject of my first book, Fundamentalism and Education in the Scopes Era: God, Darwin, and the Roots of America’s Culture Wars.  I’ll start by making my case for why we need to understand the 1920s if we hope to get a handle on today’s culture wars.  Then we’ll open up a discussion on any and all topics of interest to ILYBYGTH readers: the meanings of fundamentalism, the nature of the creation/evolution stalemate, the proper role for religion in public life, and so on.

So come on down!  Even if you can’t make this event, be sure to stop by RiverRead.  It’s a great place to buy books.


Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Huckabee

All readers and commentators of I Love You but You’re Going to Hell are invited to a public talk about the historical development of creationist thought in the United States.

The talk will be Monday, November 7, 2011, at 5 PM in room AA G-008 on the campus of SUNY Binghamton, in sunny Binghamton, New York, USA.  It is free and open to the public.

The host is David Sloan Wilson’s Evolutionary Studies Program at Binghamton University. David Sloan Wilson Logo

The speaker will be Adam Laats, Assistant Professor at Binghamton.  His talk will focus on issues familiar to readers of ILYBYGTH:  How do creationists cling to their beliefs when surrounded by such overwhelming scientific evidence for creation?  How can evolutionists understand them without simply dismissing them as ignorant or misguided?

For more info, see the EVoS announcement.