Pre-Orders Now Available!

Want to be the first on your block to get your copy of The Other School Reformers?  Then pre-order your copy today!

Pre-order your copy today!

Pre-order your copy today!

As I was happy to announce recently, Harvard University Press will be releasing the book in early 2015.  But the pre-order just became available on sites such as Amazon.  The hardcover won’t be available until January 12, 2015, but if you pre-order today, you’ll be sure to WOW your friends and family by getting your hands on it first.

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  1. Added to my amazon wish list. I need to save my pennies. Do you know if it will be available on Kindle? My eyes don’t do well with small font, and most of the time I get Kindle books so I can adjust the font sizes.

    • Thanks! As far as I know, the publisher will be offering an e-book version for kindles, etc. Plus, there’s always your local public library! Sometimes you can request that they purchase a book.


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